The secret facts about Equity Builders Roofing

The overall value of the roof will be largely determined by the investment duration, as with any investment. The word is, in this case, the realistic, planned existence of the new roofing system. In similar applications and conditions, the best way to assess how long a roofing system is likely to last is to consider the system’s recorded performance.Have a look at Equity Builders Roofing for more info on this.

If it lasts the first few years without injury, the value of a roof will actually increase. Often, a life-cycle curve has a premature mortality bump. If a roof lasts beyond the bump’s time span, then the long-term outlook actually increases.A general formula for calculating a roof’s life-cycle cost is to subtract from the purchase price the estimated salvage cost of the new roof materials and then add the projected maintenance, repair and replacement costs over the roof ‘s projected economic life. The value of today’s dollar has to be translated to the future value for this estimate.

In determining the life-cycle cost of a roof, energy efficiency has become a major factor. As energy-efficient alternatives, many facility executives specify metal-clad or coated modified bitumen membranes and flashings, other reflective membranes or additional insulation. It is possible to add a variety of aluminium or white acrylic coatings to smooth surfaces. To improve reflectivity, granule-surfaced modified bitumen membranes can be applied. Facility managers can often reduce cooling costs by improving the building’s energy efficiency with reflective membranes or additional insulation.

Preventive maintenance should also be performed to clear visible debris from the roof, clean drains and undertake minor repairs before problems arise. However, no matter how thorough the maintenance programme is, to reduce long-term repair costs, routine, semi-annual inspections need to be done. At a minimum, once in the spring and once in the fall, facility executives should have their roofs inspected.