Sell My House Fast – Insider Real Estate Secrets Revealed!

The other day, an associate called and said, “Can you sell my house quickly? I’m in major trouble and need to sell by the end of the month or lose my home to foreclosure.” In almost a year, I hadn’t spoken to Don and was surprised to find that he had lost his life savings to a bad investment scheme. His wife had been stricken with a life-threatening disease, to make matters worse. With the loss of her salary and the increasing medical costs, their mortgage loan had been unpaid for four months. Here is my official website.

Unfortunately, “sell my house easily” is increasingly becoming the slogan of America. As a real estate investor, I get at least a dozen calls a day from distressed homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly. The problem is that so many borrowers wait before taking action until the last minute. They’re so far behind by the time they call me that there’s no hope of saving their house.

Although there are many reasons why a homeowner wants to sell their house quickly, avoiding foreclosure is the most popular factor. While President Obama is taking measures to help distressed homeowners save their homes, loan modification requests are swamped by mortgage lenders.

With the ongoing economic crisis,’ selling my home quickly’ seems like an oxymoron. There are, however, different strategies that can help homeowners get unchained from their mortgage notes. Some methods are time-consuming and complicated, whereas others are straightforward and relatively pain-free. In order to sell their house, much depends on the amount owed on the property and what lengths the homeowner is willing to go.

For a loan modification, homeowners who are delinquent on their home loan and suffering temporary financial setbacks-qualify. In this case, the monthly payment amount or the rollover of two or more payments at the end of the note may be decreased by mortgage lenders.

Some lenders would authorise the homeowner to enter into a short sale contract when borrowers have fallen behind by many months. For a short sale, as long as the seller can sell their home within a defined period of time, lenders tend to accept less than is due on the mortgage loan.

Not all lenders offer short sales and, without receiving bank approval, homeowners can not sell their home for less than they owe. Now is the time to contact your lender to offer a short sale if you are in the pre-foreclosure stage.

Usually, the short selling process takes four to six months to complete. The purchase price is acknowledged as a complete contribution against the mortgage note by certain lenders. Others request that borrowers pay the difference between the price of the transaction and the balance of the loan. It is necessary to decide your lender’s short sales policies before entering into a short sale agreement.

Private real estate investors are one less recognised outlet for selling a house quickly. While the housing market is in a recession, investors at record pace are buying distressed properties. History has shown that real estate is a wise investment and financial analysts expect that the market will inevitably recover. They will theoretically amass a fortune in the future by investing in low-priced real estate now.