Personal Trainer – Pick The Right One The First Time!

In a personal trainer, what does one look for? No doubt, you should already know whether to choose a certified personal trainer. ACE, NASM, NCSF, etc. are many of the more credible and accepted certifications. Unfortunately, after taking a non-proctored online test with little to no studying, there are a few unorthodox websites that let a person print out a certificate. Be cautious. Look it up when a prospective personal trainer tells you what company approved them! Do not worry if you think they should be offended by it. With pride, they should be able to stand behind their qualification. Note, it’s not just your money on the line, it’s your protection. Before putting your wellbeing in the care of someone else, study.Do you want to learn more? Visit TS Fitness

A good certification does not allow for a good partnership with the trainer / client. And if you only have three sessions as opposed to ten, make sure the trainer clicks for your personality. If this person behaves like the average high school gym instructor who made you afraid of exercise, you may need a more friendly approach to a trainer. On the flipside, the motivator you need might not be a trainer who is too chatty.

Personal trainers should practise what they preach, but bear in mind that looks alone do not show who a great instructor will be. The best personal trainer might not be the biggest guy in the gym or the thinnest woman. The trainer with the most muscles can look like they know what they are doing, or the woman with the flat abs. The bodybuilding trainer may have been an ex-football player, and you may be a distance runner who wants to boost your race time by adding more muscle. The personal trainer’s swimsuit model may be twenty-one with no children and does not recognise the needs of a middle-aged woman. Make sure they give you a personalised workout for you, not what has worked for their bodies. Try to find a trainer who specialises in partnering with someone who has your ambitions or who himself has been there. Look for a personal trainer with a running background, for example, or a trainer who is a mother and knows the evolving bodies of women across the age range.

Continuing education is critical, for a personal trainer in particular. There is still a great deal of health data to collect and emerging fitness patterns. You want a teacher who can decode and apply the latest information in his or her teaching. Ask what extra coursework they have completed or earned additional certifications.

Choosing a personal trainer is far more than just responding to an ad or going to a gym and making a sales person allocate one to you. Beforehand, do your homework. Verify their credential. Make sure your learning style is matched by the training being provided. Look past the presence on the outside and go for experience. A trainer who knows that learning is an endless process will be able to make your workouts more effective. Your workout can be intense, but it doesn’t need to be the relationship you have with your trainer.